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Billie Piper and I!

Can I say, fangirl screams and ugly sobbing?

She is an absolute doll and everything I ever hoped that she would be in person. <3 <3

and yes I’m cosplaying as Amy Pond in this photo.

This weekend I met Billie Piper, Nicholas Brendan, J. August Richards, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira, IronE Singleton, Madison Lintz, and Vincent Ward. 

What an amazing weekend it was. Everyone was just so super nice and that VIP pass I bought was worth every damn penny. 

What awesome people! I got to grill Melissa about making “The Grove” and IronE and I kept hugging all over each other, as well as Vincent.  Nicky Brendan grabbed hold of me in a tight embrace. In my picture with Melissa she is speaking into the mic off my Pond cosplay…

It was all just super fun. Pictures to follow tomorrow…hopefully! 

At the end of it all though I was just super happy to come home, not have an ounce of traffic, and be able to spend quality time with my boyfriend…because dammnit two days away from him and I missed him like crazy…especially because the last time we had seen each other I was in an emotionally bad place so we really just slept the whole time. 

Anyways…I have a powerpoint to throw together. Peace out homes. 

can I just talk about the fact that I’m meeting Billie Piper in exactly one week and I’m having a mild meltdown about it and I’m freaking out…

and I’m just going to curl up and sob now. 





#that awkward moment when a 48 year old scifi show has more continuity #than a 2 year old series about misfit high schoolers 

*ahem- 50 year old…

But also that awkward moment when the Forest of Cheem’s sacrifice is relegated to unimportance in Moffat’s world. Her bravery and kindness don’t matter, and she’s turned into yet another cheap joke about women being infatuated with the Doctor.

That she fancied the Doctor did not feature at all in the season 1 episode. She was curious about his origins, she had sympathy for him, and she gave her life so he could save the rest of the people aboard the base. I personally don’t see her fawning over him (like so many of Moffat’s women do). Thus, with no real evidence to draw this from, Moffat seems to be interpreting her sacrifice as “fancying” the Doctor, which is immensely problematic: It suggests that she did this only for him rather than to save everyone on the ship, and it shows yet another example of Moffat thinking that any woman who interacts with the Doctor must be infatuated with him.

Even if she did fancy him, the fact that Moffat considers her actions negligible in comparison to her “crush” is pretty gross, especially when the payoff from this line is so small. All it does in the context of the episode is set up the Doctor as an object of desire. But in the context of the show, it undermines the agency and power of women to act with bravery and integrity without it being all for the Doctor.

lmao i remember complaining about this exact same thing on this exact same gifset back in 2011


her name was Jabe??? this is like saying ‘i met the human race once. they fancied me’

this, this, and this. 

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disgruntledprincess asked: Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your ten favorite followers (◡ε◡✿) go go go go!

Alright! Challenge accepted. 

1) I first discovered Doctor Who in 2006 when I was 13 years old. My first episode was “New Earth.” 

2) I have held three jobs since I turned 17. A hostess/waitress job at IHOP, a Sandwich maker/management job at Subway, and now a cashier/sales associate job at Michaels arts and Crafts. Michael’s is my favorite so far. 

3) I have been crocheting since I was 17 and knitting since last November. 

4) I am making a Totoro hat for my boyfriend. 

5) I had never had a boyfriend until this year…and we had our first real kiss on Valentine’s Day…which was also the first time I had kissed a boy. 

Update on the Fourth Doctor Scarf: 

Progress kind of has taken a bit of a stumble since school started. I’ve been hanging out with a friend a lot this week so I’ve been more focused on that than actually investing time in this. Plus, I’ve hit another one of those rows or whatever where it’s about 54 rows of one color and that just gets so dull….so I have to slowly work through that. 

It is still looking really nice though, in my opinion anyways. 

I also got a new toy today! The pink bag is the “Art Bin Yarn Dream” carrying bag. It can fit anywhere between 3-5 skeins of yarn…depending on what sizes and such…I currently have my skein I’m working with and the next two for the project, as well as a few other things! It’s a nifty little bag and worth the 19.99 ticket price at AC Moore…but even more worth it if you have a 50% off coupon! 

Alright, I need to clean up my rainbow stuff and get to bed! 

I’ve made a fair bit more progress since last night. I’m on row four of the blue, so only ten more rows of that, and then on to adding in the green, before I revert back to the cream color. Hoping to get a bit of this done when I get off work later, because I have to wait for my friend at Barnes and Noble. 

Anyways, I’m off. :) 

In one week’s time, I haven’t made much of an update….but working on that brown was such a drag…that’s 50 rows! Then it was like the minute I was able to change the colors, it zoomed by. I did only three rows of the yellow, so I need to do another five of that and then it will be on to 14 rows of the blue. 

I have finally settled on all of my colors of yarn and brands. I wound up taking back the original green I had purchased because it was too limey. After re-watching one of the “Key to Time” episodes (The Ribos Operation to be exact,) I determined that the green in that scarf was a tad darker than what the pattern recommended. I also settled on a red, which seemed to be the hardest color to decide on because of all the variations of the color in the different scarves. I wanted the red to be a nice shade and eventually I settled on the closest I could find on the store sold version of the scarf. 

So far what you see in the scarf above is: 

Buff-Red Heart Super Saver 

Cafe Latte-Red Heart Super Saver 

Deep Violet-Caron One Pound 

Sunflower-Caron One Pound

That’s all for my scarf update for now. I’m tired and I have to work tomorrow…and dream about this scarf being done already. I hope everyone is staying warm out there! xo

These earrings may be the single most popular piece of jewelry I own. 

I’ve made a pretty fantastic update so far! 

I believe I may have started at the wrong end, but I’m not too concerned on that because it all goes so well that it won’t matter too badly. 

I need to do another thirty rows in the brown before I move on to the purple and yellow. I’m very anxious to add in the purple to see what it looks like. 

I just need to determine my shade of red…I’m not sure which direction to go…so hopefully I’ll figure something out on that front soon. 

I also need to get a counter of sorts because I’m currently having to make marks on my sheet that I printed, just to know what row I’m on…which is annoying at best. I also don’t want to have to carry a sheet around with me and a dry erase marker every time I want to work on the project! 

I included the pattern I’m using for anyone who may be curious. I’ll make a post with the yarn I purchased and all that in the next day or two. As soon as I find the red! 

If anyone has made this scarf before, what brand and shade of red did you use? 

It is January 1st and thus, day one of my attempts to make an actual version of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. Most versions you see for sale are only 6ft long, where as the one on the show was about 16 ft long. If you want a 16ft one without having to do the work…well they run you about $150.00. No one has time or money for that….I could be using that $150.00 on convention tickets! 

So my goal is to make this, making it as close to the original as humanly possible, trying to have as little color variation as possible…and to keep the cost down! So far the current cost of the project is at 16.36 because I had a $5.00 off coupon to Michael’s and the yarn was on sale. So…let’s see what happens! 

I’ll be gradually updating as I go along to let you all in on the progress! 

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first face this face saw

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I couldn’t of said it better myself. 

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Jesus almighty. 


The entire episode was a whole lot of nothing happening. 

I spent nearly the entire episode in a perpetual state of “What the actual fuck?” 

THAT big surprise….with YOU KNOW WHO…we were screaming….because it was a LOVELY surprise. 

and uh…the regeneration was pretty anti-climatic

Matt Smith’s acting was superb and seeing him getting old and his last speech!! But the episode as a whole…MEH!!

I completely agree. Matt’s acting is always spot on and last night was no different…but the episode was just ughhh. and I was so excited for Orla Brady because of her Fringe ties…and she was an underutilized character whose guest appearance was built up into nothingness. Just a let down…IDK WHY I’M EVER SURPRISED THOUGH. NOT LIKE MOFFAT KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING. 

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