I’m giving away some Panic! and Fun. posters…so you may wanna check this out!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to clean up the house a bit and specifically, my bed room…so I found a bunch of Panic! at the Disco posters from the Vices & Virtues release and posters from their summer tour with Fun. 

I honestly don’t need this many and I can’t promote with these tools anymore because the tour has already happened…so I thought I’d come to Tumblr and see if any of you would like them! 

Back of the poster’s: 


There’s also this double sided one from the V&V release: 

And the other side of the poster: 


1. You MUST be following me 

2. You can reblog/like as many times as you want. 

3. I will pick THREE winners…one person doesn’t just get all of these…

4. I will let the winners know by January 16th, so PLEASE keep your ask box open so I can get in touch with you. 

Enjoy and good luck!